Life Insurance For Helicopter Pilots 2024

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Updated: 8th December 2023

life insurance for helicopter pilots

Life insurance for helicopter pilots can be a little more complicated, as they often navigate rugged or difficult terrain and possess specific knowledge and training.

As a result, a unique cover tailored to the profession may be necessary to provide peace of mind and protect the pilot’s loved ones.

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Here at Insurance Hero, we are proud to boast a team of experts dedicated to helping those with dangerous hobbies and occupations by providing individual and bespoke life insurance coverage.

Our specialists have helped thousands of people with high-risk activities find the right protection for themselves, their family, and their homes.

In particular, our services for helicopter pilots require additional underwriting depending on the individual’s circumstances; that is why it is essential to seek professionals who understand which insurers best meet your needs.

We supply life insurance, critical illness coverage, and income protection plans as the primary means of personal protection against any unexpected event occurring in one’s life. Our advisors make it a priority to provide you with the right policy while offering competitive premiums.

We commit to providing peace of mind through our specialist services.

Life Insurance For Helicopter Pilots: What About Risk?

When considering life insurance for Helicopter pilots, additional underwriting may be required due to the increased risks associated with flying. Thankfully, the cover is usually available for recreational and occasional fliers at standard rates without exclusions.

To ensure your policy is approved, it is essential to provide additional details, which might include the following:

  • The type of aircraft used.
  • Your license.
  • Your annual flight hours.
  • Which countries do you fly in or out of?

With this information, insurers can assess risk and provide suitable coverage.

Helicopter pilots, commercial pilots and private pilots in general will typically be subject to underwriting terms based on their activities when applying for life insurance. Generally speaking, the all-risk policy that Helicopter pilots require is slightly more restrictive than those needed by fixed-wing pilots due to the perceived danger of flying a helicopter.

If you have been denied or accepted on special terms for your aviation insurers in the past, it is important to consult with our experts here at Insurance Hero. Our team boasts years of experience helping high-risk individuals secure quality life insurance coverage to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Helicopter Pilots Critical Illness Cover

Obtaining critical illness cover for Helicopter pilots is possible in the UK life insurance market, with those policies often offered without heavy restrictions and at reasonable rates.

Critical illness cover for helicopter pilots gives a lump sum payout if you are diagnosed with a medical condition or procedure.

The cover amount is payable if you survive at least ten days after the diagnosis. This life insurance secures your financial future if you can no longer work or your ability to work is drastically reduced.

However, some underwriters may view this activity as more of a risk than others for certain illnesses, taking into account personal medical history and potential hereditary factors.

The specific coverage details – such as your age, amount required, policy duration and smoking status – will be considered when processing a request for Helicopter pilot critical illness cover.

It could be that TPD protection is not available for certain high-risk positions or activities. Still, our team of specialist advisers can provide further information and advice if it is needed.

What’s the best life insurance for helicopter pilots?

Choosing the best life insurance plan for a helicopter pilot is an individual decision. Each policy might be unique, and one may be more suitable for your specific needs.

The coverage provided should align with financial commitments and last for a specified time. Additionally, it’s essential to get life insurance at a manageable cost.

Whether commercial or private, your flying and the aircraft used can also affect premiums. Moreover, whether you fly as a job or recreational activity will also be considered. Providing accurate information is key to ensuring your cover is valid regardless of which policy you decide to take out.

What are the benefits of helicopter pilot life insurance?

Life insurance can provide more than just financial protection if you pass away. Having peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially is a strong motivator for many people when considering this option.

Even those with access to death-in-service benefits or sufficient savings can receive extra funds from life insurance policies.

Furthermore, paying into life insurance could cost less than increasing existing savings, and the payout amount doesn’t always reflect the initial investment on specific policies.

Helicopter pilots tend to have a range of personal and financial needs, which means there are several types of life insurance plans available for them to choose from- term life and whole of life being two popular choices.

It’s also possible to purchase multiple policies at once to meet coverage needs.

On top of that, terminal illness and critical illness cover may be included on certain plans to guarantee additional security.

Although it should be noted that beneficiaries won’t get anything if the policyholder has passed away after the plan’s expiry date.

Helicopter Pilot Life Insurance With Insurance Hero

When it comes to helicopter pilot life insurance policies, critical illness protection or income protection, Insurance Hero will be able to provide all the necessary details and make sure that coverage is appropriate for your individual needs.

Our fifteen years of experience helping people involved with dangerous outdoor activities and occupations leave us well-prepared to discuss coverage options for these often hazardous pursuits.

If you have already purchased a policy or have been declined Helicopter pilot life insurance before, contact our specialists so that they can review what may be suitable for you.

Reach out to one of our team members today to get more information on this type of insurance plan, or use our contact form to get started.