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Best MS Life Insurance Multiple Sclerosis Life Cover 2024

Elaine Brookes Steve Case

Author: Steve Case - Insurance Expert

Reviewed & Fact Checked By: Elaine Brookes

Updated: 10th March 2024

Multiple Sclerosis

Understanding life insurance can be quite complex, especially when you’re navigating a condition like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

It’s often not until facing such personal challenges that the true value of a reliable life insurance policy becomes apparent.

Individuals diagnosed with MS may find that obtaining life insurance is both more affordable and accessible than anticipated.

The cost of life insurance for those with MS can differ significantly among UK insurers, highlighting the importance of consulting with a knowledgeable expert.

The misconception that MS life insurance is prohibitively costly or altogether unattainable for those with pre-existing conditions such as MS often discourages applications.

However, engaging with a specialist such as Insurance Hero can help you obtain coverage while potentially reducing expenses.

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For those living with MS, uncertainty can become a common part of daily life.

Amongst the most pressing concerns is the financial security of your family and yourself. It’s natural to spend time considering the nuances of life insurance, learning about critical illness cover, and understanding how these integrate with the benefits provided by your employer.

Various life insurance options are available for those with MS. We can help streamline the application process and provide insights on obtaining the most favourable terms. Our objective is to simplify these crucial choices for you.

Types of MS Life Insurance Policies

Policy TypeDescriptionBest For
Term Life InsuranceProvides coverage for a specified term. If the policyholder passes away during this term, the policy pays out a death benefit to the beneficiaries.Individuals looking for affordable coverage for a specific period, such as a mortgage term.
Whole-of-Life PolicyOffers lifelong coverage, guaranteeing a payout upon the policyholder’s death, regardless of when it occurs. Premiums are typically higher due to the guaranteed payout.Those wanting to leave a guaranteed sum to their beneficiaries, regardless of when they die.
Critical Illness CoverPays out a lump sum upon the diagnosis of certain specified illnesses, including MS in many cases. The payout can help with medical expenses, adjustments to living arrangements, or any financial burdens during the illness.Individuals seeking financial security in the event of a severe MS diagnosis.
Income ProtectionReplaces a portion of your income if you can’t work due to illness or disability. The policy pays out until you can return to work, retire, the term ends, or in the event of death.Those looking for income security in case MS or another condition prevents them from working.

Underwriting Considerations for MS Life Insurance

ConsiderationDescriptionImpact on Policy
Type of MSThe form of MS (Relapsing-Remitting, Secondary Progressive, Primary Progressive) influences premiums and policy availability.Less severe forms like Relapsing-Remitting MS may lead to more favourable terms.
Severity of SymptomsInsurance providers consider the severity and frequency of MS symptoms.Milder symptoms and less frequent relapses can result in lower premiums.
Date of DiagnosisThe time since diagnosis can affect the policy terms, with recent diagnoses often requiring more detailed medical information.Earlier diagnosis with stable a condition might lead to better rates.
Treatment and MedicationThe type of treatment and medication can indicate the severity of the condition and the policyholder’s management of their MS.Effective treatment and good management of the condition can positively influence the underwriting process.
Lifestyle FactorsSmoking, weight, and overall health can influence life insurance premiums.Healthier lifestyle choices, especially for individuals with MS, can lead to more favourable insurance rates.

Tips for Securing Better MS Life Insurance Rates

Shop AroundPremiums and policy terms can vary significantly between insurers. It’s crucial to compare offers from different providers, especially those known for underwriting MS life insurance favourably.
Consult a SpecialistInsurance brokers such as Insurance Hero or agents specialising in high-risk or medical condition-related life insurance can provide valuable guidance and access to better rates or more suitable policies.
Manage Your ConditionDemonstrating effective management of your MS, including regular doctor visits, adherence to treatment plans, and a healthy lifestyle, can positively influence insurers’ risk assessments.
Consider Group InsuranceGroup life insurance through employers or associations can offer more lenient underwriting criteria and potentially better rates for individuals with pre-existing conditions like MS.
Review RegularlyLife insurance needs and market offerings change over time. Regularly reviewing your policy ensures it still meets your needs and allows you to take advantage of any reductions in premiums due to medical advancements.

The Impact of MS on Life Insurance Premiums

If you have MS, you might be thinking about how it changes your life insurance costs. Believe it or not, it indeed makes a difference.

Multiple Sclerosis can have a big effect on your life. That’s why, when insurance companies figure out how much someone with MS should pay, they consider a few important things.

How serious your symptoms are when you are diagnosed can affect your payments. If you found out you had it early and your symptoms aren’t too bad, then guess what – you could be paying less than other people who found out they had it later or who have really bad symptoms.

How MS Affects Life Insurance Costs

The kind of policy you choose also matters. Policies that last your whole life usually cost more than term policies because they promise to pay out no matter when you die.

Your way of living can affect your payments, too. Things like smoking or being overweight could make it more expensive – especially smoking since it’s really bad for people with Multiple Sclerosis. So, smokers usually have to pay extra.

If trying to find a cheap cover feels hard because you have MS, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Some insurance companies specialise in covering people who are managing to live well, even with conditions like MS.

In short, the key is to look around – don’t let one high quote stop you from getting the cover you need. And remember, just because you have a condition like MS, it doesn’t mean you can’t find cheap cover. It might take a little more work to find the right kind for you, even if you have Multiple Sclerosis.

Does Critical Illness Cover Include MS?

Does critical illness insurance cover multiple Sclerosis? Yes, it does. But it’s not that simple.

Generally, critical illness insurance pays out if you’re found to have one of the illnesses in your plan – and often, MS is one of them. This kind of insurance is a lifeline when you get a big change in your health because sickness like this usually brings more doctor bills, and you might have to take time off work.

But remember that insurance companies might have rules about how serious or far along your sickness must be before they give you money. For example, some plans only pay out once MS has got to a point where it seriously changes your daily life.

On top of that, don’t forget that not all insurance businesses are the same. Each one could have different meanings or levels of seriousness linked to their cover for different diseases, including MS.

One company might cover early-stage Multiple Sclerosis, while another might ask for more evidence of disability because of the disease.

Critical Illness Cover

What counts as a “big impact” can differ from one insurance business to the next. So, it’s really important to look closely at the conditions before you agree to anything.

This shows why looking at many different plans is so key: don’t stop shopping until you find something that fits you. You wouldn’t buy shoes without trying them on first, so think about buying your critical illness insurance similarly.

At InsuranceHero, we’re skilled at helping you navigate this complicated process and find a plan that suits your unique situation. After all, knowing in advance is being ready in advance.

Multiple Sclerosis is usually covered by critical illness insurance. But remember, the details can differ from one company to the next – some might need your MS to be far along before they’ll payout.

Different Types of Life Insurance Policies for People with MS

Life insurance is a safety net that gives comfort. But getting the right policy might feel tough if you have Multiple Sclerosis.

Types of Life Insurance

Here are a few types for you to focus on:

  1. Term Life Insurance: This type protects you for a certain time or “term”. If something bad happens during this time, it will pay out. Usually, it’s cheaper and could be a great choice if you’re skilled at controlling your MS condition.
  2. Whole-of-Life Policy: Just as the name says, a whole-of-life policy gives protection throughout your life. It promises a money payment when you die, making it a good fit for people wanting to leave something for their family no matter when they die.
  3. Critical Illness Cover: Critical illness cover is a bit different – it’s planned to pay money when you’re told you have certain serious sicknesses listed in the policy conditions. These might include cancer, heart attack, and stroke. But each insurance company has its own list, so make sure you see what’s covered before you buy one.
  4. Income Protection Insurance: Another option worth thinking about is income protection insurance. This type replaces some of your earnings if sickness stops you from doing your job. It offers financial help during hard times when living with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis may cause unexpected breaks from work.

You need to know that there’s no one perfect solution when picking life insurance.

Before you commit, you must be sure you understand what comes with each policy. Make sure you get what’s exactly included before signing up.

The MS Life Insurance Application Process

Applying for life insurance when you’re diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can seem daunting. But don’t worry; many people have done this, and there are ways to help simplify the process.

Before you start the application for life insurance, get all the details about your MS from your doctor. This should include the date you were diagnosed, the type you have, and how you’re treating it. Having all these details ready before starting the application is a good idea.

Next up, you need to gather all your medical records. Insurance companies will ask you for medical details that aren’t just about your MS.

They’ll also want to know about general health things like how much you weigh, your smoking habits, and any other long-term illnesses. This helps the company understand the risks they’re taking by giving you insurance.

Application Process

Then, you’ll fill out the application. This will have questions about how you live and your medical past. It’s really important to be honest here. If you aren’t truthful, this might mean the policy is voided later.

After you’ve given them the forms, you’ll usually have a health check. A nurse might come to your house to do basic things like check your blood pressure or take a blood sample. Sometimes, insurance companies might ask for more tests if they need to.

With all these details, the insurance company can decide if they can give you coverage and at what cost – if they think you’re a high risk, you’ll likely have to pay more.

Your payment amounts aren’t set forever; they might go down over time because of changes in the law or medical advancements.

Tips to Secure Better Premium Rates with MS

Don’t worry. It’s possible to get better insurance rates even if you have MS. Insurance people look at your whole health picture and how you live your life.

So, it’s imperative to keep yourself healthy. Eating good food, exercising regularly, and taking your medicine on time helps you stay healthy. Plus, it shows insurance people that you’re doing a good job managing your condition.

On top of that, it’s also really good to keep in touch with your main doctor. Having regular health checkups makes insurance people feel better about your health.

Always make sure to choose an insurance plan that’s right for you. For example, you might want to think about Whole Life Insurance, which can be a better fit for people with MS.

Get Better Rates

You’ll be glad to know there are insurance agencies just for you. It’s surprising how many insurance plans are ready and waiting to help people with chronic conditions like MS.

They understand the specific problems and sometimes know from their own experience. This understanding often leads to them offering insurance plans that match up with your needs at affordable prices.

InsuranceHero is a great place to start looking. We give help and resources to people with MS and advise on insurance companies that are good at supporting MS patients. A diagnosis shouldn’t stop you from getting the life insurance you need. There’s a solution for everyone, even if you’re dealing with MS.

Securing life insurance with MS in the UK isn’t unachievable. Demonstrate to insurance firms that you’re proficient at managing your condition effectively through a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups. Explore options like Whole Life Insurance, seek advice from financial experts, and remember the specialist firms who truly understand conditions like MS.

Legal Rights and Protections in The UK

If you’re applying for life insurance and have Multiple Sclerosis, it’s important to know about your rights under UK law, especially the UK Equality Act 2010. This UK law ensures that all people, even those with long-term health problems, are treated fairly.

So, you see, this Act helps to make sure you’re not treated badly because of your MS when you’re trying to get life insurance. The insurance companies might need to look at your health, but if they make you pay more, they have to prove why with good data or medical advice.

One of the things the UK Equality Act does is make sure you can get services without being mistreated because of a disability.

Yes, companies might look at things like how old you are, what you do in your spare time or your health. But they need to show why in a way that makes sense with the risks of your health problems.

Legal Rights

This Act is not just about stopping bad treatment but also about making necessary changes. That could be things like making the application process easier or giving extra help when you need to talk to them.

Another law, the UK Data Protection Act of 2018, ensures your personal details are kept safe. That means companies have to be clear about what they’re doing when dealing with personal situations like your MS details.

They have to ask your permission before collecting details about your health. They also need to explain why they’re asking certain questions. This means you can decide how much detail you want to give at each process stage.

If you think you’ve been treated badly, organizations like the Citizens Advice Bureau are ready to help you figure out what to do next. If something seems wrong, the Citizens Advice Bureau can give you advice. Also, some charities focus on MS, like the MS Society UK, who are ready to help.

Income Protection and Multiple Sclerosis

For people dealing with MS, the worry over having enough money can pop up. Income protection, different from life insurance or cover for serious sickness, is made specially to help in such situations.

The MS Society UK says that income protection can be a real lifesaver for people dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. This policy gives financial support if you become too ill or disabled to work, bringing much-needed help in these hard times.

Income Protection

The main reason income protection differs from other types of cover is its purpose: it doesn’t give a lump sum of money when you are diagnosed or pass away, like life insurance or serious illness cover. Instead, income protection provides regular payments when you can’t work because of illness.

Researching an insurance company that understands all the ins and outs of Multiple Sclerosis isn’t always easy. But don’t give up – insurance companies decide based on the individual, so it’s worth checking out all your options before deciding.

How old you are when you’re diagnosed and how quickly the disease progresses are two things that may affect how much you have to pay. Younger people diagnosed with slower-progressing forms often get better terms.

To get the most from your income protection policy, think about the deferred period – that’s how long you have to be off work before your policy starts to pay out. Choosing a longer wait could make it less costly.

Don’t forget to look at your cover regularly. Changes in circumstances or the progression of MS may mean adjusting your coverage or payments.

Conclusion and Useful Resources

Knowing all about life insurance when having MS can feel tricky, but with the right facts and means, it’s easy to find coverage that’s right for you.

A good place to start for anyone needing help is the MS Society UK. They share suggestions on various insurance options, including critical illness, safeguarding income, and more.


If the thought of legal protection while looking for life insurance with MS bothers you, stay calm. These rules exist to keep you safe. The Equality Act 2010, to be specific, bans treating people unfairly because of disabilities – including conditions like Multiple Sclerosis.

The National Health Service in the UK (NHS) also provides a wide variety of services for people living with MS. Beyond health care, they also share information on local support groups.

Look into It’s an online community where people facing the same challenges share their stories – often leading to useful advice or comforting words from those who understand.

Also, financial help could be found from organizations like The Trussell Trust. They run food banks across Britain, which can lessen the burden of costs while taking care of your health.

Finding life insurance with MS might feel like a big challenge. However, you’re not on your own. Many services exist to guide you on your life insurance journey with MS.

To be clear, InsuranceHero is always ready to help clarify any confusion or doubts.