Life Insurance Cover For People With Epilepsy


Pre-existing illnesses are more common now than they were a few decades ago.

Back then, it was almost impossible for someone with these conditions to attain life insurance coverage let alone find a policy that fits into his or her overall budget.

With these illnesses becoming more prevalent, insurance companies are now more open to the idea of providing comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage as long as the condition is being managed properly.

Insurance Hero is an insurance company that specialises in these types of policies and is willing and able to provide affordable life insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and epilepsy.


Compare The Leading Life Insurance Companies Get The Best Deal On Epilepsy Cover

What is Epilepsy Exactly?

Epilepsy is one of a spectrum of nervous systems disorders that is most commonly defined by the recurrence of different levels of seizures. Seizures are disturbances in consciousness, muscle movement, and sensations that are usually controlled by the cerebral organ.

Epilepsy umbrellas a number of different sub-conditions that are distinctively defined by a variety or combination of different symptoms or types of seizures. Although all of the symptoms may be different, epilepsy is often treated by combining a number of different medications to treat the patient’s unique symptoms.

These medications are used to help control the patient’s seizures or even stop them from occurring altogether. Major epilepsy and minor epilepsy are the two most common forms of this condition. Major epilepsy also called grand mal epilepsy, which is defined by seizures that include convulsions, muscle spasms, varying levels of lost consciousness, and even a distinct epileptic cry. Major epilepsy can occur either on its own or in combination with other types of this condition.

Minor epilepsy, also known as petit mal epilepsy, begins to develop in the patient’s childhood. As the patient passes into adulthood, this type of epilepsy begins to mix in with other seizure patterns. A petit mal seizure is usually less traumatic than a grand mal seizure and includes short periods of hazy consciousness that last up to 30 seconds.

How does Epilepsy Affect a Life Insurance Application?

Although pre-existing conditions do not bar individuals from obtaining life insurance, it is the general practice to handle these applications differently. First, insurance agents will take a much closer look at the applicant’s medical history looking for indications that his or her condition is well managed by both the applicant and doctor.

Agents will generally ask a series of medical questions – when answering these questions it is important to have an accurate medical record of treatments and medications available in order to answer these questions correctly and honestly. If the insurance company finds the condition is well managed, it will often be able to supply an affordable insurance plan.

Insurance Hero specialises in handling insurance applications for those individuals with pre-existing illnesses such as epilepsy. It is important to remember that the presence of a medical condition should not stop an applicant from obtaining the life insurance he or she needs at an affordable price.

When an individual provides proper, accurate medical records, it is possible for Insurance Hero to arrange and grant the applicant the life insurance policy with a specific budget and needs requirement. If you would like more information on the life insurance policies that Insurance Hero can provide for individuals with pre-existing conditions, please contact one of our knowledgeable insurance agents today.