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Life Insurance For Motor Bike Riders & Motor Cyclists

life insurance for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle riding is a favourite pastime for many, but it may also be necessary for their job or their only form of transportation.

Regarding life insurance, there are policies available for motorcycle riders for any of these reasons.

But, which company will be the best option to purchase coverage from, and what will the cost be? Many insurance companies in the United Kingdom will payout in the event of a motorcycle accident as long as the policy does not expressly exclude those types of accidents.

Life Insurance For Motorcycle Riders? Reasons To Consider Getting A Free Quote From Us:

  • Comprehensive and affordable life insurance for motorcyclists and bikers
  • Receive a free and quick quote without ever needing to visit an office
  • After receiving your quote, there is no obligation to purchase insurance
  • There are many options available for coverage, including mortgage and critical illness cover
  • Flexible coverage available for whole-life insurance plans
  • Customer care has received outstanding reviews
  • Excellent rates on shared coverage policies
  • Smokers and vapers are not discriminated against
  • Policies with excellent rates for shared coverage, including same-sex couples
  • Critical Illness coverage, separate or in combination with life insurance, at little extra cost

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motorcyclist critical illness cover
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motor biker life insurance

Without proper life insurance protection, would your loved ones be able to do the following if you weren’t around to help?

  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Clear any outstanding debts in your name
  • Fund their current lifestyle
  • Buy a new home
  • Plan for a funeral
  • Deal with inheritance tax

Life Insurance for Motorcycle Riding as Part of Your Occupation

Police officers, motorbike trailers, and motorcycle emergency responders are often required to ride a motorcycle as part of their occupation. For these individuals, life insurance is likely to be accepted with standard terms when working with most United Kingdom life insurance providers.

For those who are professional motorcycle racers, acquiring life insurance may be more difficult and more expensive since it is considered a “high-risk” occupation. The same applies to motorcycle racing as a pastime.

Life Insurance for Motorcycle Racing as a Pastime

Motorcycle racing as a pastime differs slightly from professional motorcycle racing.

Many factors will play into finding the right life insurance at the best price for motorcycle riders, including how often you participate in races, what type of competition is being done, the speed of the bike and the track, and the size of the motorcycle in use.

For example, enduro racing and motocross are considered less dangerous and may allow for standard terms – if you participate in other, more risky races, like circuit races and ice racing, it will be more challenging to find an insurance provider willing to offer standard terms.

motorcyclist life insurance

Insurance for Motorcycle Riding as Transportation

For those individuals who ride motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation, merely to get from one place to the next, it is possible to secure life insurance with standard terms and average premiums without excluding a motorcycle accident from the policy.

However, it is important to know that some insurance providers may ask additional questions, such as the size and type of motorcycle used – your answers to these questions may increase your premiums based on the provider’s guidelines.

Just because you ride a motorcycle – either as a hobby, part of your profession or just as transportation – it is possible to secure life insurance that is both comprehensive and affordable. It is important to make sure you shop around different providers to find the best plan for you.

If you would like assistance comparing life insurance for motorcycle riders, the knowledgeable team at Insurance Hero can help to find the best plan for your unique situation as well as one that will fit into your budget.

Life Insurance For Bikers FAQs

Does life insurance Cover motorcycle deaths?

Yes, life insurance cover is available for motorcycle deaths. Suppose you are in an accident while riding a motorcycle and die from your injuries.

In that case, your insurance company will pay out a death benefit if you purchase a motorcycle coverage policy and have met the underwriting requirements for that type of coverage. The amount and type of coverage you can get depends on the type of life insurance you have.

Does riding a motorbike increase life insurance?

Your life insurance policy will not increase just because you have a motorbike. While motorcycle riding may increase your chances of being injured and therefore increase your life insurance premiums, you will likely not be assessed at a higher rate for just owning a motorcycle.

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