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Life Insurance For Police & UK MET Officers 2023

police officers life insurance

In many cases, being a police officer or working in law enforcement is considered to be a high-risk occupation.

Because of this, many individuals believe that their police life insurance coverage may be difficult to obtain or may carry very high premium payments that they cannot afford.

The good news is police life insurance policies can be secured with standard terms from most insurance providers.

Here is what you should know about police life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover:

  • Special police life insurance policy available for serving or retired Police Officers and their families.
  • Save time by filling out a quick and easy form.
  • Detailed Market Search. Insurance coverage: Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection
  • Get a policy that is tailored specifically to your needs. Be fully protected, whatever happens.
  • Your monthly premiums are fixed for the duration of your policy; your monthly outgoings will remain the same if you don’t make any changes.
  • Non-discriminatory quotes are provided for smokers or those who use vaping devices

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  • Our price match promise means we will find you the right cover for your personal circumstances at the lowest price possible. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

life insurance for police

Overview of Police Life Insurance

DefinitionPolice life insurance is a term used to describe a standard life insurance policy that covers a police officer. It can also refer to the life cover benefit police officers receive with their pension or through the Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme.
PurposeTo provide financial protection for the families of police officers in the event of their death.
Additional CoverIf the life cover benefit from employment is insufficient, officers can opt for a personal life insurance policy for added protection.

Factors Affecting Life Insurance for Police Officers

FactorImpact on Insurance
Role in Police ForceSpecific roles, especially high-risk ones like firearms specialists, may affect the cost of life insurance.
Health/Medical HistoryPersonal health and medical history play a role in determining premiums.
Smoking StatusSmokers might have higher premiums.
Policy TypeThe type of policy chosen (e.g., level term, decreasing term) will influence the cost.
Length of CoverDuration of the insurance policy.
Level of CoverThe sum assured or the amount the policy will pay out.

Policy Options for Police Officers

Policy TypeDescription
Level Term Life InsuranceOne of the most popular forms of cover that provides a fixed sum assured set at the point of application.
Decreasing Term Life InsuranceOne of the cheapest forms of cover that provides a decreasing sum assured agreed upon at the point of application.
Family Income BenefitHelps to replace a lost income and provides loved ones with a regular, tax-free monthly payment.

Life Insurance Policies for Police Officers

As mentioned earlier, many life insurance companies will accept an individual’s application whose occupation is law enforcement at standard terms with a standard monthly premium payment.

While applications for life insurance are easy to place, it is important to let your insurer know of any travelling abroad you may be doing as part of your daily occupation as a police officer.

Not disclosing this information can make an insurance claim null and void should the lack of information be uncovered.

Income Protection for Police Officers

At this time, Long Term Income Protection is not available for special constables, police officers, and community support officers. Even though this is the case, some insurance companies will consider offering police officers short-term income protection policies, which include unemployment, accident, and sickness cover.

A short-term police life insurance policy will provide protection for between 12 and 24 months if the individual cannot work due to an accident or injury on the job.

This is a popular option, but ensuring your income protection policy begins right as your sick pay ends is important.

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  • Our price match promise means we will find you the right cover for your personal circumstances at the lowest price possible. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

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Critical Illness Cover for Police Officers – Met Friendly Life Insurance Plans

Like a life insurance application, many police officers find that most met friendly life insurance providers accept their critical illness cover applications at standard terms.

Although this is the case, it is essential to disclose any information about travelling abroad as part of your occupation and ensure the insurance provider is aware of this travel.

8 Reasons To Get Police Officers Life Insurance

  • Life insurance cover pays out a lump sum in the event of death or a permanent disability.
  • Life insurance for police plans usually have a quick and easy application process.
  • It can help you to protect your family from financial uncertainty. It is a small price to pay to protect your loved ones.
  • It is designed to provide coverage for as long as necessary but with the flexibility to change the policy if required.
  • A Police life insurance policy isn’t simply about paying for funeral expenses. It can also be utilised to cover medical costs you may encounter in your lifetime.
  • It can be used to pay off a mortgage in the event of your death
  • It can help to pay for your children’s college or school education fees
  • It can be seen as a robust financial solution for every budget

Life Insurance from Insurance Hero helps to provide you with the cover you need at a price you can afford. There are thousands of life assurance policies, but only a handful stand out.

Police officers are susceptible to the same things that can kill anyone. Cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and other things that can kill a person can kill a police officer.

The right life insurance policy can provide a family with the financial resources they need to live after a loved one is killed in the line of duty. Police life insurance is a type of insurance.

Let Insurance Hero find the best policies for you. If you need assistance applying for MET police life insurance or critical illness cover, our knowledgeable team will answer your questions. Low rates and tailored plans are guaranteed.

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