Life Insurance For Ex And Recovering Alcoholics

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Updated: 10th March 2024

life insurance for recovering alcoholics

Life insurance is an essential product that helps individuals support their families, even when they are no longer around.

Insurance Hero is available to help individuals set up a life insurance policy that will provide beneficiaries with a lump sum payout to help them cover costs when the policyholder passes away.

This allows the insured and their family to know that their financial needs will be covered in the unfortunate circumstance the primary breadwinner was to pass.

A life insurance policy is an excellent way for people to support and care for their family and repay the support and care their family has shown with a fantastic gift – the gift of financial security in a time when so many things are changing.

Recovering From Alcoholism? Compare The Leading Life Insurance Companies. Get The Best Deal

life insurance for ex alcoholics
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life insurance for alcoholics

Those individuals who may be recovering alcoholics realise the value of a family who supports them more than the average person, which is why life insurance is a valuable way to repay them for the years they have supported the individual during their struggle.

Life Insurance for Recovering Alcoholics

Our team of experts has helped many people categorised as high risk by other insurers. In many cases, we have been able to help people get covered at a good rate.

Individuals who are former alcoholics often find the price for a life insurance policy is higher than it would be for the average individual.

The exact cost of a life insurance policy for an alcoholic will be determined by the amount of risk they pose to the insurance company.

This risk becomes higher when the insurance agent believes the individual may relapse or develop further health problems due to their excess drinking – age, overall health, and the products chosen also play a role.

When alcoholics apply for a life insurance policy, the insurance company will likely contact the primary care physician to get more medical information and receive a full report on their health so the agent can make the most informed decision about how high they will set the premiums for the coverage.

The professionals at Insurance Hero can handle all these details for their clients, helping to make the process move much more quickly and without any additional effort.

What You Should Know About Alcoholism

For a person to be classified as an alcoholic, he or she must be dependent and addicted to alcohol. A recovering alcoholic will no longer partake in drinking any alcohol at any time, usually due to their over-consumption of alcohol, leading to health problems and an increased risk of death.

While each will have their own “rock bottom,” health professionals, family, and friends will encourage them to stop drinking before this point.

Individuals in recovery may show the same or similar traits as they move through the different phases of sobriety. Many deal with self-hate and shame for their actions to themselves, their body, and their family members, friends, and loved ones.

Additionally, many recovering alcoholics will experience withdrawal symptoms (the overuse of alcohol can often lead to reduced levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain and feelings of being inadequate, low-stress tolerance, negative self-image, and the inability to control their impulses).

Individuals who find themselves alcoholics are often driven to drink by some life factors, which will vary significantly from one individual to the next.

Alcohol is commonly used to escape reality, whether it is stress at work, a failed relationship, problems within the home, or financial difficulties – the list of reasons can go on and on.

Alcohol often becomes a problem solver in the individual’s life, whether it is to cope with a bad day or celebrate something positive.

One of the most prominent reasons individuals stop drinking is because it poses a significant risk to their mental and physical health.

These risks to their health often lead to untimely death should they continue to consume and abuse alcohol.

While the damage to an individual’s health is one piece of the puzzle, alcoholism can also cause unrepairable harm to the individual’s personal life and relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, and peers.

cost of life insurance for alcoholics

Life Insurance Application Process for Recovering Alcoholics

Application ProcessDescription
Initial InquiryContacting insurance providers or agents for quotes
Medical History DisclosureRevealing past alcoholism and recovery status
Waiting PeriodMinimum sobriety period required by insurers (typically 2-3 years)
Medical ExaminationHealth check-ups and tests to assess current health status
Policy UnderwritingAssessment of risk and determination of premium rates

Factors Influencing Life Insurance Premiums for Recovering Alcoholics

FactorImpact on Premiums
Duration of SobrietyMore extended sobriety can lead to lower premiums
Overall Health ConditionBetter health can reduce premiums
Age at ApplicationYounger applicants may receive lower rates
History of Alcohol-Related Health IssuesPast health issues can increase premiums
Type of Life Insurance ProductTerm or whole life insurance have different pricing structures

Life Insurance Policy Features for Recovering Alcoholics

Policy FeatureDescription
Coverage AmountTotal sum assured by the policy
Term LengthDuration of the life insurance coverage
Premium Payment ScheduleFrequency of premium payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
Inclusion of Medical SupportCoverage for ongoing addiction treatment
Adjustability of TermsOption to modify policy terms as health improves

Challenges in Obtaining Life Insurance for Recovering Alcoholics

Higher Premium RatesSlightly increased cost due to perceived higher risk
Limited Coverage OptionsFewer insurers willing to provide coverage
Detailed Medical ScrutinyExtensive health examinations and history checks
Potential for Application DenialRisk of not being approved for coverage

Support Resources for Recovering Alcoholics Seeking Life Insurance

Resource TypeDescription
Specialised Insurance AgentsAgents with experience in high-risk profiles, such as Insurance Hero
Online Insurance MarketplacesPlatforms to compare different insurance options
Recovery Support GroupsGroups offering advice and support during the application process
Financial AdvisorsProfessionals providing guidance on insurance and financial planning

Case Study: James O’Connor’s Journey

James O’Connor, 50, lives in Birmingham, UK. He has struggled with alcoholism for many years but has been in recovery for the past two years. James is a single father of a teenage daughter and works as a sales manager.

Life Insurance Decision:
James’s battle with alcoholism made him realise the importance of securing his daughter’s future. He decided to take out a life insurance policy specifically designed for recovering alcoholics.

After consulting with Insurance Hero, he chose a term life insurance policy considering his unique health profile.


  1. Underwriting Consideration: The underwriting process considered James’s successful recovery, allowing him to secure a policy at a reasonable rate.
  2. Financial Security for Loved Ones: The policy ensures that James’s daughter will be financially secure, covering her education and living expenses.
  3. Medical Support: The policy includes provisions for continued alcohol addiction treatment, supporting James’s ongoing recovery.
  4. Flexible Terms: The policy offers flexible terms that can be adjusted as James’s health improves, potentially lowering premiums over time.
  5. Estate Planning: James’s policy includes estate planning benefits, ensuring a smooth transition of assets.
  6. Peace of Mind: Knowing that his daughter’s future is secure provides James peace of mind, supporting his overall well-being and recovery.

James O’Connor’s decision to take out life insurance as a recovering alcoholic demonstrates the importance of specialised policies that cater to unique health profiles.

By working with us and choosing a policy tailored to his needs, James was able to secure financial stability for his daughter and support for his ongoing recovery.

His story highlights the availability and benefits of life insurance for alcoholics, offering hope and practical solutions for others in similar situations.

Whether it’s providing financial security, medical support, or peace of mind, life insurance can be a vital part of the recovery journey.

Life Insurance For Alcoholics Conclusion

Life insurance for alcoholism and recovering alcoholics is something that insurance providers will usually cover, and regular terms will be offered at the insurer’s standard rates.

This is good news for those struggling with past or present alcohol addiction, as it means they can still get the coverage they need without worrying about being penalised by their provider.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, please contact Insurance Hero today for a free and no-obligation quote.