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Denied Life Insurance in the UK: What Are The Next Steps?

Elaine Brookes Steve Case

Author: Steve Case - Insurance Expert

Reviewed & Fact Checked By: Elaine Brookes

Updated: 8th December 2023

Denied Life Insurance

Can you picture going to your nearby gym, eager for a healthier way of life, only to be told you’re too out of shape to begin?

When people seek life insurance in the UK and unexpectedly get denied, it can feel a bit like that, leaving you discouraged and feeling rejected. 

It’s kind of like wanting to take a safety class but being turned away because you’re seen as too clumsy. How can we make good decisions if what we need is kept just beyond our reach?

Attempting to secure life insurance can feel disappointing. One moment, you’re full of hope and the next, it feels nearly as if your safety net has been swiftly removed. Trust us, we realise how overwhelming this can feel.

In this post, we want to highlight why insurers sometimes reject your applications, and we’ll help you plan effective steps to recover from such disappointments. And guess what – we’ll even show you how getting expert advice or making some important lifestyle tweaks could maybe open those closed doors right back up!

The Impact of Lifestyle Choices on Life Insurance

Your daily choices can certainly make a difference when it comes to life insurance applications. So, how do these everyday decisions have an impact on it?

Well, insurance companies have one main thing in mind. They care about the risk they may take by covering you. An examination of medical history and age is performed, and they really dig deep into your daily routine details.

What about smokers? Well, this habit makes getting life insurance tougher. Why? It’s because health issues related to smoking, like heart disease and lung cancer, scare insurers. Too risky, they believe.

Impact of Lifestyle

Are you into high-risk hobbies? Like skydiving or car racing? These might be a stumbling block when applying for life insurance. Seriously, these hobbies raise the chances of an accidental death, which insurers don’t like.

Just pause for a moment. An inactive lifestyle with poor eating habits creates health issues. The mere thought of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes is enough for insurance companies to consider rejecting your application.

Controlling these risk factors is extremely critical when applying for insurance. To improve your odds, sticking to a healthier routine is important. Adopting healthier lifestyles like working out and eating well could help a lot. It does not just boost health but also improves the chances of getting life insurance coverage.

How to Respond When Your Life Insurance Application is Denied

Guess what? Even if your life insurance application got the thumbs-down due to health issues or risky antics, don’t lose hope – you’ve got options.

Right after that discouraging denial, your immediate response should be to challenge the insurance company’s choice. This basically involves asking them to rethink their circumstances and reassess their decision.

To boost your chances of scoring a successful appeal, make sure nothing that supports your case – like your medical records or any other crucial documents – slips through the cracks. It could be quite helpful to get an expert’s advice before you plunge into an appeal. 

Responding When Denied

If your appeal doesn’t pan out or the whole ordeal feels too daunting, it might be time to seek assistance from a broker experienced in dealing with more complex cases.

Here’s the thing: brokers (like us) could be your lifeline. They often pinpoint insurance companies that are open to providing coverage to those who have been rejected elsewhere. They have a knack for figuring out which insurers are more willing to accept certain risks.

Maybe your insurance needs a custom fit, sort of like a 50s Life Cover plan, which doesn’t require a health checkup or Income Protection Insurance. These policy types don’t have such stringent acceptance rules.

A life insurance application denial isn’t the end of the world. There are steps you can take to bounce back, and there are experts ready to help guide you every step of the way.

Alternative Insurance Options in the UK

Have you considered Over 50s Plans? It might be your match if you’re over half a century young. No intrusive health checks, guaranteed acceptance – it’s a winner. And there’s also a monetary payout for your loved ones when you pass away.

Next up is the Critical Illness Cover. This is your safety net if you land with an illness covered under your policy. Here’s the thing – these policies usually have a pretty specific menu of what they pay out for.

Insurance Alternatives

There’s another option: Guaranteed Life Insurance. You might know it as the “no medical” life insurance. This is for all the beautiful people who’ve hit a speed bump getting regular coverage because of certain pesky health conditions or age restrictions. This policy lets you bypass the physical during application. Okay, the premiums might be a touch more than standard policies, but the point is, your family isn’t left high and dry when life gets stormy. If you want the lowdown on Guaranteed Life Insurance, you know InsuranceHero can fill you in.

It’s also worth giving your boss a nudge about group schemes. These often don’t demand your full medical history and can still offer sturdy protection, even if you’ve been given the cold shoulder before. The beauty? They’re typically cheaper than going solo. Why, you ask? Well, because the risk is chopped and shared out among your colleagues, which cuts costs for all.

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The Role of Specialist Brokers for High-Risk Applicants

Securing life insurance can honestly feel like you’re climbing a daunting mountain, especially after experiencing denial. As I mentioned earlier, specialist brokers can be your best option. Just imagine this – if your car engine decides to have a mid-life crisis, you’d rather trust a seasoned mechanic to fix it than dig into it yourself, right? The same logic holds true when it comes to navigating the pitfalls of life insurance. Specialist brokers know high-risk life insurance inside out like they invented it and know which threads to pull for cases like yours.

Unlike their standard counterparts, specialist brokers don’t shy away from the challenge of helping people with health issues or adrenaline-pumping hobbies. Not only do they have industry experience that’s as expansive as an ocean, but they also know who to connect with to find insurers who’d bet on high-risk individuals such as yourself.

Specialist Brokers

Now, finding insurers of such nature on your own is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack – this is where our specialist brokers play their best cards. They specialise in locating these insurers and also possess the knack to negotiate the best terms on behalf of their clients.

And you know what? Life insurance solutions often miss the mark for high-risk individuals searching in the UK. But, here’s the thing about specialist brokers – they think cookie-cutter policies are as stale as last month’s bread. They provide bespoke solutions that fit your unique needs and risk factors just right.

Has your application been denied repeatedly? No problem. A talented broker will wield his or her expertise to forge a compelling case for reconsideration, underscoring any progress you’ve made since your last application.

A specialist broker is like your guide in unknown territory. They help you so you don’t make a mistake, and they assist you in picking the right path to get to your goal. The idea behind this is to keep you on track and to ensure your application process is successful.

The Importance of Complete Honesty

It might seem tempting to downplay certain aspects of your health or lifestyle while hiding some bits here and there. But, honestly, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The claims of concealing information are thoroughly scrutinised by insurance companies with dependable techniques. These include tools like fraud detection systems, pre-insurance medical checkups, data from other insurance providers, and even investigations after death if a payout claim is made. 

Complete Honesty

You should also be aware that providing false information might land you not just some headache with your policy but also in legal trouble. Who needs that extra stress?

Therefore, it pays off to be crystal clear in your communications during your life insurance application. This honesty won’t just help you steer clear of potential pitfalls, but it will also gift you some peace of mind. Your loved ones will be well taken care of and have provisions laid out for them in the face of any unexpected situations.

And, at the end of the day, when you hand over the correct information, insurance providers have no reason to turn down your claims due to unexpected discoveries. You’ll then be in a position to secure a policy that aligns perfectly with your needs and lifestyle. Who really wants coverage that they don’t genuinely need?

When it comes to life insurance applications, remember the age-old saying: honesty, without a doubt, is the best policy.

Reapplying for Life Insurance After Denial

As I mentioned earlier, health generally sits high on the insurers’ radar. Issues like heart disease or diabetes probably tripped you up the first time around. But if you’re on a mission to battle these health challenges head-on with the proper exercise and medication, there’s a chance the insurance company could reconsider their initial stance.

How about turning the tables even further? Make sure to keep your weight balanced, bid farewell to cigarettes, and reduce the alcohol. Remember that insurers often expect you to prove your long-term health goals before they entertain the thought of amending their original stance on your application.

Reapplying After Denial

If you’ve been denied, open a conversation with your insurer, and don’t hesitate to ask for an in-depth explanation. This intel could be your secret weapon when refining your second attempt.

If health setbacks were the hiccup during your first run, obtaining more medical tests may pack a punch in your new application. The ticket you need for a successful application is typically sealed with accurate and detailed medical results.

A common question that crops up is – “When should I try again?” Well, putting off for six months to a year could buy you the time needed to make noticeable improvements and elevate your odds. But don’t get caught with your feet up during this break – devote this time to boosting the areas that might up your game for success.

Final Thoughts

When you start looking into life insurance, considering your lifestyle and habits is a good first move. Honesty is super important because even a little lie might lead to a complete denial of your application, or it could stop your future policy and leave your family without money backup. High-risk people may need help from a skilled agent. They do more than just help with forms; they can find the best insurance companies for you.

All the application rules and laws should be followed, and you need to keep an open line of communication to stop your application from being denied because of misunderstandings. Keeping up a healthy way of life, limiting bad habits like smoking or drinking too much, and regular health checkups will show insurance companies that you’re in good health.

Try to stay away from dangerous hobbies like skydiving because they could lead to high monthly payments or even your application getting denied. If an application gets denied, don’t worry too much. Think of it as helpful advice showing you a better insurance plan. Consider the different types of insurance available to see which one might be best for your needs.


Securing life insurance takes time and patience, but it’s worth it. It’s about more than just getting through the challenging parts; it’s about finding a deal that fits your budget. Plus, looking at offers from well-known UK insurance companies like InsuranceHero could help save money.

At the end of the day, making sure your family will have enough money in the future with a quick, 60-second quote is less about spending a lot of money right now and more about probably saving a lot later!

If you’d like to see what InsuranceHero can do for you, please get in touch with us. We can shop around and get you the best possible deal. It’s free to get a quote and free to apply. Get in touch today!